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QUAKE.SHMACK.NET RuneQuake server (Main Server) Server Status
QUAKE.SHMACK.NET RuneQuake server (Cheats-Free) Server Status
QUAKE.ESSENTRIX.NET RuneQuake server (Deadzone) Server Status

Check out the -MKAY- clan website HERE

Check your Area 51 SUX Invasion stats HERE

If you don't see real time stats of the servers above, get the plug-in  HERE



Files Required for Rune Q3A

Rune Quake version 1 HERE

Rune Quake version 2beta1 HERE

Rune Quake version 2beta2 HERE

Q3Arena 1.31 point release HERE

Custom CTF maps HERE

Custom Quake1-2 maps HERE

Custom Quake1-2 maps-2nd set HERE

Custom Quake1-3 maps-3rd set HERE

  E-mail the server admin HERE

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